Monday, January 25, 2016


Yes, you read that right. I'm doing a throwback .. 

I was going through my blog last week and realized that parang "bitin" ang sharing ko for 2015! Haha. I know, I know .. and I admit, I have been very pre-occupied with all things wedding but that does not mean that I didn't have a life outside that, I did actually, really! Even Ozkar, the fiancĂ©, wouldn't believe that I have extra-curricular activities aside from pinteresting, haha! Well, I'd have to admit again, that yes, I watched less movies last year, failed to catch up on my reading not even been able to spice up new recipes for my soon-to-be domestication! Shizzz! I didn't get the abs that I wanted because they got overrated at some point, hahaha! It did right? hihi. My travel diary this year are filled with trips to PH-SG and back, blahhhh! (Oh, I went to Batam pala!) I tried so hard to commit to Game of Thrones to regain my chill and boy was I quite relieved (and discreetly glad) that they haven't released the new season YET! haha .. Lagot ako sa GOT fans with this revelation, lol! -- well, those were what seemed to defined my existence last year -- but behind the scenes were swamped with LIFE and LAUGHTER and LOVE! 

If 2015 would speak to me, I have a feeling she would be screaming, "Hey! We aren't done yet!" Hahaha. But dear 2015, do not fret, I would say, because you have been truly good and amazing and wonderful. It was not a "wow yeah!" (whatever that means, haha) kind of year, but for all your mini adventures and misadventures, for how me and my loved ones have been blessed with good health, peace of mind and heart and happiness and love all year round, I don't think I would have had you any other way -- maybe a little bit extra time to fulfil more of my to-do's but no biggie, we have accomplished a lot more than we expected this year. We may have had our share of bad days and disappointments and over the top tantrums and mood swings, but what is a year without a bit of a challenge right, we got through the rough parts and its all good, we are all good. we're fine buddy, we are fine :) 

As 2016's first month is coming to an end and before we all go, "ha? agad agad? tapos na ang January?!!!!" .. I'd like to pay another tribute to my 2015 with the BEST FOOD DISCOVERIES OF THE YEAR LIST! (Ha! I told you, I had a life and I ate a lot to enjoy it! hahaha) 

Now here's a disclaimer, I will do this review in a non-food critic level but just as someone who loves to seek new food experiences, enjoys the vibe, the meal and who can just say "ang sarap!" over and over again just to describe how heavenly a dish is. So this is me the foodie, minus the culinary vocabulary. 


Ok, so it is a well-know fact that I love all things HAJI LANE -- no exceptions, not even the green waste bins can destroy my instagram-worthy post! So this Amsterdam inspired cafe located right at the entrance to the alley is the best welcome you can get to Haji Lane. Uhm, yes it is always full, the waiting line is always long (We just got lucky, we got a seat right away tho, hihi), the space is small but the food options are very tempting because 1) it is presented very well so that for me gets 5 stars and 2) at a price range of $6.90-$19.90 for a considerable Western line-up of starters, pizzas, pastas, seafood, burgers, drinks and cakes -- you'd willingly and patiently queue for a seat and for the infamous rainbow cake, which is at priced at $8 but can feed 4! oh LOVE! 



You know about the frozen yogurt craze right? I'm sure you do! But I think you ain't completely cray until you've had a Sanum for a tumatagingting pero sulit na $6.50 (about 200++ pesos, hihi).  Originally from Spain, it has changed the face of froyo in Europe and now the world, with 2 branches in Asia -- Singapore and Thailand. When it opened in Singapore late 2014, again, people patiently queued up and here in the lion city, if there's a queue, it must be good, haha! And it is! As Little Miss Yogurt I would claim that this is the yogurt of all yogurts!  



Ang burger na nagpasuko kay Lt. Zaldivar! Hahaha. I'm a self-confessed burger lover but if there's anyone who could extensively go through what happens in between those buns, it would be my uber burger crazy fiancĂ©, haha! We had these burgers for brunch and in between me positioning his arm and his drink and his burger to take photos as I enjoy the Haji lane vibe (yet again!) he was scrutinizing each bite he would take. Everytime he'd go "the patties are juicy and not oily -- that's a good burger! (chomp) or "the buns are soft and crisp but they don't sag, that's a good burger! (chomp)" or "the sauce does not overpower the taste of the meat -- that's a good burger (chomp) .. I will be like, "Oh, okaaaaay dear, I'm glad you liked your burger .. (chomp chomp chomp chomp) .. now. hold your burger this way and angle yourself this way where the light is good." Anyhoo, with burgers priced between $14-20, it was not disappointing .. and because my burger monster says so. 


I was just starting on a no-rice policy diet but when my workmates set a NASI AMBENG makan one Saturday in October 2015, I knew I was in big trouble, haha! Nasi Ambeng is a Malay boodle fight -- served in a platter on a large banana leaf -- it consists of rice, curry chicken, rendang, salted fish, veggies, potato cutlets, squid, nuts and a few other things I really had no idea of but indulged in anyway. To be consumed the best way possible - kamayan! This experience definitely fed the culturevore in me, I didn't mind breaking my diet, not at all! Big burp all the way! 


Hep! Nope, I didn't have a burger again if that's what you're thinking! Hehe .. 

Ok! So they had a "Trip Advisor" sticker on their door, so there was no way we should doubt its edgy, rustic, humble, indie vibe and everything is mismatched! But then again, I love edgy, rustic humble, indie and all things mismatched! Haha! So even if it did not have that sticker, it would still be a go because my vibe meter has over 5 stars already. We didn't have any of their signature dishes nor have we tried what they are supposed to be famous for -- burgers -- because our intention was just to chill (yes, in a burger bar, haha!) and surprisingly without a huge meal, we were able to achieve our goal with decent coffee, a pot of tea, a cold drink and cakes to die for.  


Truth, I am from Baguio City. Truth, Canto has been in existence at the Ketchup community since 2012. Truth, I've never tried Canto until December 2015. Why? I dunno. Prolly because every time I go home, is also the same time tourists flock the city and all the restaurants and cafe's listed in the "must eats", "where to eat in Baguio" lists, and if that's the case then I go somewhere else. Anyway, during one of my frantic-wedding-errand days back in December, my friend / coordinator / supplier haggler (haha) had lunch in their newly opened (and not yet very much publicized) branch in Arellano St. .. And here's what I can say: LOMO RIBS. LOMO RIBS. LOMO RIBS! I don't want anything else but that levels! Oh and plus the panna cotta too please! And ooooh yes, the place, the set up, the feels --- Baguio Love, I swooon! 


The new must try in the City of Pines! -- They serve a variation of Vietnamese, Italian and Local blends and dishes that totally seem to complement each other. The vibe is made cozy and homey through its wooden furnitures and interiors, brick walls, warm light and of course a friendly staff and crew. The coffee choices specifically the Vietnamese selection are interesting and intriguing picks! I went there twice and on both occasions I was full so I was only able to try the Viet coffee options (the one with yogurt and coconut milk) and the turon which until now, Ozkar is talking about and dreaming of! haha. 

TURON IN 3 .. 2 .. gone! hahaha!  


A place I've visited once 6 years ago but it was only last year when my sister brought me there again that I rediscovered its charm, its oh-so-Baguio ambiance and the  pizza and pasta ! I brought Ozkar there for our New Year's date. I talaga kasi when I asked him he if was taking me out on a date coz it was a new year, he said basag trip daw ako kasi inunahan ko nanaman siya magtanong kung iddate niya ba ako! Hahaha! Girl power, y'all! Anyway, he is much more of the food critic that I am and if he enjoyed/loved/indulged in his food like there's no tomorrow, then that's good food right there. Hay, nabilib nanaman siya sa Baguio folks! Hehe. Any, since so far, I've been going there for Pizza and Pasta's, I would recommend, Pepperoni and Four Cheese for Pizza's / Creamy pesto and the shrimp chilli for the pastas. The smoothies are must indulgences as well if you'd go for drinks. 


I'll let you in in a little secret ... I am not much of a tuyo person. Now, no judging please, hehe.  I do eat them and I won't say no when offered or even if that's only meal left in the world, I just have other preferences and my taste buds don't constantly crave for them, not even as an OFW -- But all these changed when CHOKKO's offered their Gourmet Tuyo (Dried Herring in Corn Oil) in November last year-- I was officially converted to an ulitiamate-tuyo-lover! oh YUM I tell you, extra rice till you drop! I am a witness of how much love and hard work is dedicated in making all of their homemade goodies  -- lakas maka "Ratatouille" effect! If you know what I mean, haha . So folks, when in Baguio, find this understated gem of herrings in a bottle! 

Whew! That was lenghty one isn't it? Sorry I had to let it all out in one post! There is more but for now my top 9 will do, hihi. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to travel back in 2015 and virtually experience my food adventures with me.

There will be a lot more for 2016, I pinky swear! Let's all look forward to that ok? :) 

Now, how about you? I'd love to hear from you, your food discoveries and adventures!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I am not too late to send in the new year cheers am I? 

Well, I hope not because I still have a great deal of love and cheers overflowing in mah system and I am completely excited about 2-0-1-6 that I think will last till the end of the year, haha! When last year, I endured and enjoyed a roller coaster ride, I would want to believe that this time, I should brace myself for the BEST WAVE OF MY LIFE! So isn't that thrilling? 

Towards the end of 2015, thoughts of the new year coming got my emotions all mixed up as this year entails a lot of changes in my life, moments of firsts and lasts, of memories that would last a lifetime and beyond! It is exciting really, but behind the scenes are fear and anxiety waiting to unfold -- nonetheless, the excitement together with the positivity and happiness that goes with it keeps me up on my toes. It makes me want to go all-out YOLO for this year! hahaha! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


When we decided to go on a trekking trip, we were so confident to take on the challenge, that on the morning of December 6, 2015 at 4:45 AM, everyone was still lying down and tucked in their blankets, still in their sleeping wear and half-wishing that the rain wouldn't stop just yet so we can just cancel the trip. Hahaha! But when our tour guide called saying that they are just 10 minutes away, without batting an eyelash, everyone was up on their feet and all set. Now, that was even faster than the power rangers morphing. Lol! 

I'll probably go into the deets of this trip on another post because I'm just typing this out while queueing at the gate for boarding (coz, me going home again! haha), but let me share with you a few unsolicited tips from trekker wanna be's like us.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Ozkar and I hit the mark for the six-months-to-go-wedding-countdown! Oh meeeen! Butterflies in my tummy is totally an understatement. One day I was proposed to, the next day I'm pinterest-ing non-stop then suddenly, 6 months to go? Where did time go?!

And this countdown is making me emotional. Now, my tulala moments are brought about by the following thoughts: 

1. "Shucks! Mapapalitan na ung last name ko" 
2. "San na ako mag Christmas next year?" 
3. "San na ako uuwi everytime na uuwi ako?" 
4. "Mrs .....?
5. "Wife? 

Thursday, November 26, 2015



It's Thanksgiving Day in the United States, an annual holiday of giving thanks and feasting to commemorate the Pilgrims celebration of the good harvest in the 1600's.

And for the rest of us -- we don't need to have roasted turkeys and Grandma's pie on our dining tables tonight, neither is it necessary to have a sit-down family reunion dinner nor watch the parade or a football game -- let it simply be another day to give thanks! :)

But! If today is the only day you have to give thanks for the blessings you received this year, what would they be?

Here's my random list (im just excluding the usuals and not that im not thankful for it/them, given na yun kasi):